'Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.'

Up to 10 persons - 7 days - £ 17,800


Become acquainted with the beautiful Croatian sea – a voyage for the whole family!

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The Seamaid adventure centres around our elegantly crafted and beautifully designed ship, the Guleta. 

With a warm wooden interior, the Guleta has a classy feel that brings home the luxury of this package. This romantic vessel offers a fun-filled family holiday on the sea, where you can spend some quality time with the ones you love.

We offer an abundance of entertaining activities designed to teach both young and old seafarers a set of handy skills, with hidden coves and secret towns to be discovered along the way!

Learn underwater photography skills in the magnificent deep blue sea, travel to islands rife with history and culture and experience festivals like no other!

You’ll be touched by the magic of the stunning Adriatic Sea and your whole family will be happy in the safety of our friendly and responsible crew. A truly unique experience you’ll never forget!


Preseason £ 17,800
Season On request
Postseason £ 17,800

Sport & Recreation Package :


Navigation without GPS and controlling route
Hitch training; how to make them and use them on board
Short tours by kayak; discover the bay

Sea Dog Package :


Learn how to become nimble in apnea diving

Improve your swimming techniques

Scuba diving with local professionals

Bussiness package for groups max. 10 people is available on request.

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